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Information Electronic Signage


Durham College is post secondary government college which has more than 130 courses and it uses ethnic and modern teaching styles.

The Digital signage is the electronic information screen which showcases the information about the college and gives the top news whatever is going in the college and with the college. It is placed in the high traffic areas of the college like PIT, hallways, Food areas where the faculty and college students can view over the screen and see the information.


To create the Layout I used Adobe Illustrator and the Digital signage was coded with HTML, CSS, Php, JS.


Digital Signage plays very important role in the college as with the Durham College campuses in Oshawa and Whitby which gives us a option of more than 130 programs which included post secondary diplomas honours programs and degrees. Approximately 12000 students are studying in the college for which College wanted to be in a good communication with the students and professors. Sometimes the announcements and emails are the type of delay communication like not everyone sees the email that qucikly in the college. This digital signage is placee in high areas which transfer all the information that college wants to convey to students and professors. This is a modern effective way tu meet the challenge of managing communications with so many students, faculties and guests in the College.


The digital signage concept was designed to show the user information about the college. It updates the weather news, college news everyday. It is designed with all the color scheme used in durham college as it is its digital signage. I have used the primary colors of durham college's branding. also the typography is used of the durham college.

Design and Developing


I started the designing of the signage in the adobe illustrator as the skeleton was built but the color schemes icons and whole designing was done at first roughly. It takes me so much time to give it a best design i can give. While designing i keep in my mind that this is designing for teachers, students and faculty so it should be easy to read and attract reader's eyes.

It contains five sections which are:

1) The first one shows the logo of our Durham College, the date and time also one banner which shows MAD faculty written there which shows that the digital signage information is for MAD faculty and students.
2) The second section shows the motion graphics adds which is done by html, css, js.
3) The third section is the advertising screenwhich included three videos two of them represent the brand and third video is about covid restrictions.
4) The fourth section shows the News Of upcomming events and whatever is going on within the college.
5) The fifth section is the ticker tape section which shows the upcomming event time, venue and etc.

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