Famously, in an interview with Late Show host Stephen Colbert, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg debated with the comedian whether a hot dog on a bun is a sandwich. Colbert asserted that a sandwich is made up of “two pieces of bread with almost any type of filling in-between.” The two then deliberated on the definition of bread, which was followed by Ginsberg declaring: “On your definition, yes, it is” —a hotdog on a bun can be considered a sandwich. The sandwich is a mealtime staple for nearly every culture on the planet. Author Bee Wilson, in her book Sandwich, A Global History writes: “portable, quick, satisfying, cheap and requiring neither plate nor cutlery, the sandwich is the most universal of all fast food.” Whether it is the North American Club or it’s vegetarian counterpart, the Indian style Bombay, the recipe for sandwich construction remains the same: two or more slices of bread (or baked doughitem) used as the means between or in which filling, and food items can be stuffed to make a hand-held meal.

Again, per Wilson, “the sandwich is not just food; it is a piece of engineering.” As such, this engineered amalgamation of layered fixings and sauces offers eaters a near endless blend of flavors and textures. In deference to this uniquely human culinary chef-d'oeuvre, this web page is dedicated to the ROCKIN sandwich. Below are some facts and figures about sandwiches in general. Followed by a map to where the best version of the ROCKIN sandwich can purportedly be found. And lastly, this web page concludes with a short video demonstrating how the ROCKIN sandwich is typically made and consumed.



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