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This is a case study about the sandwich webpage named ROCKIN SANDWICH. This sandwich is my favourite sandwich. The origin of this sandwich was in India. In my home city Amritsar, there is one shop of uncle who sell handmade pizzas and sandwiches of their own recipie. The shop is 80 years old and his grandfather opened the shop and later on he carry on his buisness and continued to serve their recipie with ethnicity. Nowadays, the Rockin sandwich is underrated.Their son have opened the small sandwich shop here also, So i thought to make it more popular so that it would help for him to get more customers because that sandwich is really very healthy.


To create the Layout I used Adobe Illustrator and the app was coded using HTML, CSS & JS. Whole sandwich material was designed in illustrator.


The objective to make the sandwich webpage is to promote the ROCKIN SANDWICH. The site was needed to be user friendly and more attrsctive so many people who do not know about it would come and definately try it. They wanted to empaathize their history recipie to be popular as it was their own so making it more special i have helped them.


The single webpage of the sandwich created in very modern way have a very uniqueness in it.


I started the designing of the sandwich ingregdients in the adobe illustrator. I was remembering all the suffing and the uniqueness of the ROCKIN sandwich. Then it was placed on the first screen - Landing screen

I planned to design four different sections of the webpage like:

1) The first part will show the ingredients of the sandwich and its calories intake, to show how healthy it is.
2) The second part will show the history of the sandwich.
3) The third part will include the infographics of America vs Uk. I have all designed it in illustrator. This was the heart of my webpage.
4) Makinf the real video by myself of the sandwich to let other people know how it is made and how much protien and healthy ingredients are used so that they also try.
5) The map is also given so that anyone can drive to it.

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